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Elevate® Dining

Shasta Estates embraces an innovative approach to the dining experience. Enjoy a warm and comfortable dining room with the attention of an experienced culinary team. Our Elevate® dining program is an enhanced culinary experience, integrating fresh cooking with our residents’ favorite home-style meals. We offer masterful attention to detail with exciting new seasonal dishes that are accented with Shasta Estates’ signature touch. 

We create delightful dining experiences based on your personal tastes, creating unique, flavorful menus with a variety of options and making nearly everything from scratch. 

We can accommodate any dietary requirement or restriction, including special diets to help manage conditions such as hypertension, heart disease or diabetes. All chef-created menus are certified by a registered dietitian to guarantee the nutritional integrity of each dish.

Elevate® Signature Programs

Elevate® Inspires

This program seeks to find ways to incorporate food as a vehicle to give back to the community around us, partnering with local charities and engaging our residents with the broader campus. It’s never too late to have an impact on the culture and be a force for good. 

Chef’s Academy

Through exhibition cooking, education presentations and even resident cook-offs, this program shines a spotlight on the exceptional talents and skills of our culinary leaders throughout the company. This program fosters social interaction and meaningful connections between our residents and staff.

Culinary Keepsakes

Beyond a theme dinner, this is an immersive dining experience. Be transported to Italy with an Italian happy hour replete with accordion music, or stay close to home with a dish featuring a local signature ingredient. Whatever the offering, Culinary Keepsakes broadens culinary horizons, brings cultural context to mealtimes and incorporates the entire campus.

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Traditions to Table

Incorporating time-honored traditions, our residents are invited to share their signature recipes and allow the rest of the campus a glimpse into their cherished culinary memories. This program allows our residents to engage in creating new memories based on lifelong experiences created around the dinner table.

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Just getting started?

We’re here to help.

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