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Making the Move to Senior Living – Step 2: Benefits of Independent Living

Making the Move to Senior Living: A five-part series from Sky Active Living 

Step 1: Making The Move
Step 2: Benefits of Independent Living
Step 3: Finding the Right Community
Step 4: Make Your New Space Feel Like Home
Step 5: Celebrate With Your Community

The decision to move into an independent living community is a life-changing one, and if you’ve recently come to this conclusion, it’s time to focus on all the wonderful reasons a senior living community is a great place to live. Thinking through what you want out of a community will help you find the right place to call home. This guide will help you determine the amenities and services most important to you, so you can have a clear picture of what you are looking for in a community. 

Independent living communities value just that – independence. Many older adults have found that moving into a senior living community actually allows them to live even more independently than before because of the added security, amenities, social opportunities and peace of mind these communities provide.  

Residents are empowered to live life on their own terms and schedules while being provided with the additional support they may need. Most senior living communities have a number of enrichment programs tailored to their residents’ needs, such as social activities, professional dining services, excursions to local attractions and more. Some communities may even provide wellness activities designed to keep residents active and healthy, such as yoga classes, aerobics or outdoor hikes. Through these amenities, residents can find what fits their lifestyle best while spending time with their neighbors.  

These are just a few of the amenities residents can find in independent living. Be sure to save this list for any upcoming visits you have scheduled, and ask about amenities you’re particularly interested in. 

  • Spacious Apartments  
  • Kitchenettes  
  • Cable and Wi-Fi  
  • Utilities Included  
  • Scheduled Local Transportation  
  • Weekly Housekeeping  
  • Personalized Health Care Services  
  • A Pet-Friendly Environment  
  • Outdoor Space  
  • Lounge and Activity Rooms  
  • Restaurant-Style Dining  
  • Fitness Center  
  • Private Dining Room and Event Space  
  • Community Events and Activities 

The rest of this guide will go into detail on a few of these benefits, and we encourage you to take notes on which amenities appeal to you the most. 


Many seniors choose to move to an independent living community because of the peace of mind that comes from having health care services available when they need them. Independent living is a good option for people who want to personalize those services to fit their specific needs throughout their entire stay. These communities offer plenty of care options for a little extra support. Independent living is a great choice for someone who:  

  • Prefers a more flexible and independent setting  
  • Is not as confident or feels lonely living at home  
  • Is participating in or exiting rehabilitation  
  • Is concerned about unplanned health care costs  
  • Feels burdened with homeownership  
  • Just lost a spouse  
  • Wants to relieve their families of being primary caregivers and instead spend quality time with them 
  • Feels more secure in a community setting 

While assisted living communities include health care services as part of the cost of moving in, independent senior living communities partner with a variety of health care agencies to empower seniors and provide a variety of options for their care needs. In addition, many senior living communities offer medical alert services such as Lively™ Mobile Plus, a device that allows seniors to access assistance quickly at the press of a button.  

Your senior living community will have numerous partners and associates ready to help start the process by connecting you with health care professionals and answering questions about your options. If you have specific health care needs in mind, make a note to ask about services available during your visit.  


Another benefit of moving into a senior living community is the built-in opportunity to engage with other people. Many communities have ongoing programs designed to enhance residents’ lives and connect them with family, friends and neighbors. Participating in social activities also allows seniors to break up their routines and experience something new.  

As an example, Sky Active Living developed a program called Vibrant Life® for each of its communities allowing residents to stay engaged with their communities. Whether it’s an outing to a local attraction or an activity within the community, you’ll have something to look forward to every day. 

Sky Active Living built the program around seven components to enrich their residents’ lives in different ways. 

1. Be Inspired: Gain a deeper sense of spirituality and feed the soul.  

2. Be Well: Intellectual stimulation, get moving and stay active!  

3. Be Challenged: Ignite competitive spirit, learn, grow and be motivated.  

4. Be Adventurous: Try something new every day, explore and experience the unique. 

5. Be Family: Cherish family connections, share and continue family traditions.  

6. Be Social: Embrace friendships, celebrate the moments, talk, laugh and listen.  

7. Be Connected: Engage with meaningful community involvement, share experiences and expertise! 

If programs like the one at Sky Active Living are important to you, be on the lookout for social calendars on the community’s website, or ask about upcoming events while visiting. You may even request to attend and participate in activities prior to your move. 


At independent living communities, meals are another opportunity to bring people together. Many communities have dining programs to bring you and your family new ways to connect over a shared love of food.  

Plans will differ at each senior living community, but many will include a set number of meals per day or week that are included in your monthly or annual invoice. Some may even have seasonal menus that are resident-driven, creating a more personal and exciting dining experience right at home. Plus, having a dining room and restaurant-style kitchen at your community takes the pressure off you to plan meals every week. The best part? You won’t be responsible for grocery shopping or doing the dishes afterward!  

While you are visiting communities, be sure to ask associates and current residents about the dining experience. Ask about the number of meals and snacks that are included in the dining program and if there’s any flexibility to customize your plan to your needs. Some communities offer regular menu options that are always available in addition to the rotating menu. Or perhaps they offer all-day cafes that aren’t tied to specific hours. Be sure to see the dining room and talk with the chef during your visit, or request to join a meal. You may find value in meeting with the residents and trying out the food before making your decision.  

After considering all the benefits of living at an independent living community, we recommend taking the next step – setting up tours and meeting with current residents. We hope this guide will help you better understand what you are looking for in your community and see all of the possibilities available for your life once you make the move. 

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